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help for the helpers

simplicity by design

Everything you need to grow your tiny (but mighty!) service-providing business.

a holistic and all-inclusive approach to getting it done

  • custom brand identity design
  • website design and creation
  • copywriting
  • lead magnet production


  • utilize marketing approaches that feel true to you
  • learn how what grows service-based businesses most quickly and effectively (hint: it's not amassing a social media following.)
  • grow your practice without making that your full time job


  • a practical approach to overcoming underearning
  • spreadsheets that do the math for you to make it as simple as possible
  • a shame-free antidote to getting the money stuff in order in your business


  • learn options for thinking creatively about how you deliver your services, while still keeping your eye on sustainability
  • simplify how you offer your services so that you can have a business that is more fun, more profitable, and less burnout inducing
  • craft how you deliver your offering based on your strengths


  • gorgeous websites without the steep learning curve
  • copywriting templates that make it easy to communicate the heart of your work
  • beautifully designed print materials for your business
that are better than most paid trainings!

a Podcast dedicated to helping small service-providing businesses to shine like the gems they are.

You need a holistic business

Learn the 6 essential building blocks in this ebook. 

Learn approaches (that are much more effective!) in this video course.

Marketing without social media

What clients say

Brooke is someone I trust deeply, both as a practitioner and as an ethical business person in the Healing Arts space. Her commitment to integrity in her business, and how she markets it/makes it available to the world is one of the values that makes her a great fit for practitioners committed to offering services of real value to others.

What clients say

I thought all I needed was a new website. But, thanks to Brooke, I gained clarity and focus for my whole business model. Already, the investment has proven profitable.

What clients say

I feel so relieved, like four years of internal dialogue is quieted. The work wasn’t easy, at times it felt excruciatingly vulnerable to say out loud “I want my business to look like this” but it’s been entirely worth it. The pace felt doable and I was able to integrate the work into my daily life without it feeling like it was one more thing on my already full plate. Brooke was clear and supportive throughout, providing valuable insight and clarity where I needed it. Her work has integrity and I never, not once, felt like I had to use ick marketing techniques to fit into a role that doesn’t suit me.

What clients say

 As a small healing arts business owner, it is so easy when very busy with clients to not focus on the aspects I find less interesting, like budgets, promotion and planning - yet these are all vital to staying physically and fiscally vibrant. I now have a clear path for putting all this wonderful wisdom into practice.

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