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Simple Prospering is a branding and strategy studio for healing arts providers, by a healing arts provider. 

Hi, I'm Brooke Thomas.
I like putting all of my skills together to make good things happen for good people. 

About me

It's a one-woman show around here- I support tiny businesses and I am a tiny business! 

  • My small business strategy and marketing skills are courtesy of 22+ years in business for myself. 

  • My design thinking is courtesy of my BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. 

  • My financial thinking is courtesy of my training as a Financial Recovery Counselor.

  • I have practiced Rolfing Structural Integration for 22+ years, and grew a private practice in 3 cities from zero to waitlist during that time. 

  • I've been teaching healing arts providers how to grow their private practices since 2009. 

  • I ran the Liberated Body/Liberated Being podcast which highlighted the healing arts, particularly in manual and movement therapies. 

  • I created the Liberated Being Studio, a somatic mindfulness studio, which supported people through the pandemic.

  • I've been social media free since 2020 (and I love it).

How I help


To run a successful healing arts practice, you do not need to overwhelm yourself with the equivalent of an MBA or learn every marketing tactic that exists. What you do need are a few essential skills. This course provides the essential building blocks.


Websites can get needlessly complex and cluttered very quickly! These gorgeous templates are made explicitly for healing arts private practices, and come with a guided process to get your copy written as painlessly as possible and your site live ASAP. *Coming soon.


If you have a more complex business- with more offerings or a larger model- or if you are just tired of trying to DIY your visual identity, website and strategic communication- I've got you. This is where working with me 1:1 comes in.

What clients say

Brooke is someone I trust deeply, both as a practitioner and as an ethical business person in the Healing Arts space. Her commitment to integrity in her business, and how she markets it/makes it available to the world is one of the values that makes her a great fit for practitioners committed to offering services of real value to others.

What clients say

I feel so relieved, like four years of internal dialogue is quieted. The work wasn’t easy, at times it felt excruciatingly vulnerable to say out loud “I want my business to look like this” but it’s been entirely worth it. The pace felt doable and I was able to integrate the work into my daily life without it feeling like it was one more thing on my already full plate. Brooke was clear and supportive throughout, providing valuable insight and clarity where I needed it. Her work has integrity and I never, not once, felt like I had to use ick marketing techniques to fit into a role that doesn’t suit me.

What clients say

As a small healing arts business owner, it is so easy when very busy with clients to not focus on the aspects I find less interesting, like budgets, promotion and planning - yet these are all vital to staying physically and fiscally vibrant. I now have a clear path for putting all this wonderful wisdom into practice.

What clients say

I thought all I needed was a new website. But, thanks to Brooke, I gained clarity and focus for my whole business model. Already, the investment has proven profitable.

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