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I frequently teach for healing arts schools, practitioner member organizations, and even just groups of providers (colleagues you work with, people you are in training with...). These workshops happen live online and are free. So let's talk!


You Need a Holistic Business

Learn the essential building blocks, cut the clutter, and get some ground under your feet.

Part diagnostic tool and part road map, this interactive workshop helps you understand the fundamental building blocks that lay the foundation for a thriving private practice. By seeing what is needed in this topographic view, it can keep you from getting bogged down in needless complexity. And then you can focus on what you actually want to do: help your clients! 


*I teach this interactive workshop live for healing arts schools, member organizations, and cohorts of practitioners. Get in touch and we can set something up.


A podcast dedicated to helping healing arts businesses shine like the gems they are.
If you prefer to read rather than to listen, you can get all the podcast episodes in article form on the blog.

Growing Your Business Without Social Media

Much more effective.
Much less annoying.

No, you do not need to post on social media everyday, cultivate a personal brand, or become a wellness influencer to have a successful private practice. Quite the opposite! What's more, feeling the need to post on social media to grow your business is usually a symptom of a foundational problem. In this workshop I cover both how to think through the foundational issues that might need to be shored up, as well as actually effective relationship strategies for marketing off "the socials". 

*This is a pre-recorded workshop that will be sent to your inbox. No trying to coordinate time zones or awkward Zoom Room small talk- woohoo!

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