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ready when you are

I believe that getting your business connected to the people it's designed to serve doesn't have to be complicated, messy, or long-winded. 

I keep the branding (or re-branding) process simple by working holistically and in an intensive model. 

HOLISTICALLY = I dig deep to connect the dots between your business model, revenue plan, marketing approach and visual identity. Without putting all the pieces together you might have a shiny new website, but it probably won't grow your business. 

INTENSIVE = I get your project completed quickly without giving you anything less than my best work. I do this by working with only one client at a time. If we work together, your project is my only priority until it's complete. 

tired of diy? i can help.

apply for a fit call

step 1


Interested in seeing how we might work together? You can book a 15 minute call with me. This is not a sales call (you are not about to be tricked into a high pressure shake-down), it is what it sounds like: a chance for each of us to see if I can help you out and if we are a good fit to work together. If you decide you wanted to move forward after the fit call, we would book an Incubator Interview.

Please fill in the application connected by the button below so that I can learn a little bit more about your and your business, and how you think I can help. I will be in touch to set up a call once I receive it. 

*If you are not yet familiar with my services, you can read more about them in the next 2 steps below.


If we decide to take the next step after the fit call, we will schedule the incubator intensive. In order to surface what makes your work exceptional, first you have to get crystal clear. This is a half-day of focused discovery and coaching for your business. We begin the day with a 2 hour interview. All you have to do is show up and talk with me about your work- I’ll do the detective work to elicit what the best opportunities are for you. After the interview, I will put my findings and recommendations into a coherent plan. We then meet again for an hour to discuss these findings and recommendations. 

Note that plenty of people who do not need a new website or brand refresh choose to schedule this as a coaching intensive. This is an option for anyone who wishes to have some support around where their business is at and where it is going. 

step 2

the incubator intensive

*This fee gets applied to any accelerator work moving forward, if you choose to do a larger project with me.

the accelerator (aka i create and deliver your custom project)

step 3

After the incubator reveals what makes you stand out and what your most effective opportunities are, in the accelerator I put make the magic happen!  Exactly what your accelerator process will deliver depends on what we discover in your incubator. 

*See pricing and examples of deliverables below.

how it works

You (or your organization) are my ONLY client during the implementation phase of our project. All energy and attention goes to delivering a beautiful project for you. 


Because of that, you can expect your project to be complete in 4 weeks once we begin.  No moving target deadlines, endless rounds of lazily attended to revisions, price hikes, or creeping sense of doom that maybe your website will never go live. Huzzah!

custom brand identity design (or brand refresh)
custom website
all website copy 
templates for social media posts
templates for slide presentations
newsletter template
business cards and postcards
cornerstone marketing pieces

if you've read this far maybe we should talk?

or maybe you're looking for supported diy?

What clients say

Brooke is someone I trust deeply, both as a practitioner and as an ethical business person in the Healing Arts space. Her commitment to integrity in her business, and how she markets it/makes it available to the world is one of the values that makes her a great fit for practitioners committed to offering services of real value to others.

What clients say

I thought all I needed was a new website. But, thanks to Brooke, I gained clarity and focus for my whole business model. Already, the investment has proven profitable.

What clients say

I feel so relieved, like four years of internal dialogue is quieted. The work wasn’t easy, at times it felt excruciatingly vulnerable to say out loud “I want my business to look like this” but it’s been entirely worth it. The pace felt doable and I was able to integrate the work into my daily life without it feeling like it was one more thing on my already full plate. Brooke was clear and supportive throughout, providing valuable insight and clarity where I needed it. Her work has integrity and I never, not once, felt like I had to use ick marketing techniques to fit into a role that doesn’t suit me.

What clients say

 As a small healing arts business owner, it is so easy when very busy with clients to not focus on the aspects I find less interesting, like budgets, promotion and planning - yet these are all vital to staying physically and fiscally vibrant. I now have a clear path for putting all this wonderful wisdom into practice.


incubator intensive


website up to 5 pages
custom brand identity & brand identity kit for you to use going forward
business card or postcard
all copywriting for the website

the brand reset


larger projects include everything from the brand reset plus:
cornerstone marketing materials- such as a lead magnet or multiple print materials
a larger website that requires more content marketing integration, or with multiple sales pages

the momentum reset


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